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little things

For the past six months Hugo Hutchins has taken a particular interest in One Direction as a medium through which to explore his own identity. Hugo’s research into the band started as the basis for a project where he aimed to use the boyband as a means to examine hegemonic masculinity, heteronormativity and institutionalised racism. In the process of re-watching X Factor clips of 1D, he realised that the progression of their career was connected to his own adolescent development.

Little things is a short video in which Hugo performs the experience of fraternity and brotherhood by inserting himself into popular boy band One Direction. The artist negotiates his own identity by exploring spaces unfamiliar to him. Thus, the work presents a sense of longing to be one of the ‘lads’ and ultimately to be accepted and to assimilate into heteronormativity, despite the artist feeling as though he lacks the traits to be there.

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